Mesh Bodies Review: Lena Perky & Lush by Kitties Lair

The Lena Lush: A body for those who desire a thicker, more curvy shape that can utilize a higher body fat percentage than standard avatar shapes.

The Lena Perky: A body that closely aligns with the standard avatar shape but can easily be modified for those who like a mid percentage of body fat and beautiful curves.

PLEASE NOTE: Please try the demo's inworld for these mesh bodies.  And when I say try I mean really play with them.  The biggest mistake people make is only trying a demo for a couple minutes and then purchasing the body only to realize that the body is not for them.  When I demo I press every button on the HUDs, try on tons of mesh clothing to test the alpha system and play with appliers (if the demo is capable).

For my reviews I will focus on five key points: The Look & Customization, Ease of Use (ex: HUD, Lag, etc), Backwards Compatibility (Omega, Slink, etc), & Shopping/Applier Experience.

Overview:  The Lena Bodies by Kitties Lair offer a moderately easy to use body at the lowest cost on the market right now for mesh bodies. Kitie Lair offers two shapes for your buying pleasure: the Lush shape, for more full figured avis, and the Perky shape which is closer to the standard avi body.  Both bodies come with a HUD that includes clothing layer options, an alpha system and skins.  There is even an option on their HUD to assign your partner your body allowing there to be more interaction during those private moments. ;)

The Look & Customization:  First off I want to say that Lena Perky was my second mesh body purchased and, in terms of looks and ability to get the shape to the thickness I want, it is hands down the best, for me.  This is probably one of the most beautiful bodies out in Second Life and I get more comments about my body, especially my butt, when I wear the Lena Perky body than I do wearing any other.  The Lush is also a great option for those who want a full figure.  Out of all the bodies out there Lena Lush is only one of two that can accommodate a fuller figure and higher body fat percentage.  The other body being The Perfect Body XL.  Playing with the sliders on these bodies produces some nice results, especially if you are looking for a more "realistic" shaped body. If you are one of those who are afraid of "porn star" sized boobies ( I take offense to that!) then fear not.  The boobs on both bodies are similar to the standard avi (which to me isnt realistic at all since I have what some consider "porn star boobies" in real life without the surgery. Haters gotta hate.)

Ease of Use:  Now this is where Lena both hits the mark and goes way below.  Lets start off with the good:  The HUD features of clothing layers is top notch.  It has your basic top, pant, bra, underwear and tattoo layers plus a skirt and nipple layer.  This HUD also has the added benefit of a "clear" button.  Most of the HUDs I have tried only allow you to hide the clothing layer, which can confuse many when it comes to changing clothes.  The Lena HUD gets rid of that and allows you to completely clear the clothing layer, reducing confusion during dress time. 

The HUD also has an extras tab on it where you can add a new "owner" to your body.  This gives the person access to your clothing layers!  Yay for sexy fun.  You also do not have to worry about the disappearing/reappearing tattoo and bra layers with this body.  Unlike the others, my tattoos always show and never just vanish.  No need to use an alpha mode with this body!  Textures also load quickly so dressing can happen at a much faster pace when using appliers. Now that the good parts have been mentioned, it is time to go to the not so good parts. 

This body, in my eyes, would be the perfect body or one of the top contenders on the market if the alpha layer system was better.  When it comes to wearing mesh clothing you are S.O.L. for the most part.  The alpha system hides huge chunks of the body making it very difficult to wear mesh clothing with intricate designs and shapes.  The alpha system does not allow for right and left hiding, so asymmetrical outfits can be very difficult to wear, and there are no options to hide the front and back of the body.  So, if you love this body then you can do what I did and wear it only for applier clothing and get another mesh body for mesh clothing.  Yes, I know that's a lot of Linden but the Lena bodies are low cost and a good alternative when you want simplicity versus a higher end mesh body.

Backwards Compatibility:  So now on to some big questions: Can I still wear my mesh parts with the Lena bodies?  The answer is yes.  Both bodies are compatible with slink hands and feet.  Kitties Lair has also released matching feet and hands of their own if you prefer to use those.  They are not included with the body.  I am able to wear my fitted mesh breasts with my Perky body.  I use both Cherry Bomb and Sinful Needs and they attach perfectly with  very little seam showing.  This body, like the others, has the neck gap issue.  I wear the Slink neck gap attachment with this and it looks okay.  I like wearing chokers so thats the best alternative to this issue.

The best part about this body is that it is Omega compatible.  Omega is a universal applier system that is used by 95% of mesh bodies and parts!  The script to put into your body is practically free, inworld with group join, at the Love in Lust sim.  Check out their blog to learn more about this revolutionary system.  (See credits below).  Because it can use Omega appliers shopping for your mesh body is easy as many designers are switching over to Omega.  Most Lolas appliers can also be worn with an Omega enabled body (as long as the full texture was used and not just the boob texture)  Azz, Ghetto Booty and Brazillia appliers can also be converted using Omega kits so that you can wear many of your older styles with your new body.

Shopping experience:  Because of the ability to wear Omega appliers shopping is not difficult for this mesh body!  Yay!  Also, more and more designers are making Lena appliers so your options are growing.

Overall, this body is a great starter mesh body or applier only body to purchase.  Until they fix the alpha system (if they ever do), I would avoid wearing mesh with it.  It is a headache to try on mesh clothing only to find that the alpha gaps show.  The price, at 899L, is perfect for the budget shopper.  This body looks great and rezzes quickly.  There are no disappearing layers and your freedom to play with the body sliders is high.  On a scale from 1-10 I give this body a 7.5.

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