Mesh Body Reviews: The Fitted Mesh Bodies

Second Life is going through a massive change and it is awesome!  The change is mesh and fitted mesh products and, as someone who has an HD monitor and high end graphics card, I am excited to see this.  Mesh not only looks amazing on my screen but it moves smoothly and just looks oh so shiny!  Honestly, if it wasn't for mesh, I probably would have moved on to another virtual world.  Let's face it, without mesh SL would look outdated and not be friendly for creative expression.  There are many who would disagree with me.  They don't like the fact that they have to update their PC's, run their viewer on a higher graphics setting or think that mesh is just a money making scheme from Linden Labs.  Well, I hate to break it to those people, but technology as a whole IS A MONEY MAKING BUSINESS!  Change is inevitable.  In order to grow one MUST change.  That is the beauty of life and technology is a big part of it.  Linden Labs is a business and it needs to drive customers in.  Without it's residents the company would be nothing and without mesh many old and new residents would move on to other virtual worlds.  Its a fact so those Haters can deal with it.

Off my soap box and into the good stuff!

Below there is a list of links to various mesh bodies that I own and have used extensively.  All my reviews are honest reviews.  I won't sugar coat things.  I think that in the huge blog world of SL we see too many pretty pictures but no real substance as to the practicality of the products in the images.  Not to say that I don't post my fair share of pretty images.  I just feel that more needs to be shared in terms of product reviews so people,  like me, don't spend thousands of linden on an okay product.  That being said, go ahead, click away and learn about my experiences with these fitted mesh bodies.  Yay!


Lena Perky & Lush
Maitreya Lara
Belleza Venus
Banned Dea
Slink Physique
G.Inc The Perfect Body