Review: Slink Physique: Is it all it's cracked up to be?

PLEASE NOTE: Please try the demo's inworld for these mesh bodies.  And when I say try I mean really play with them.  The biggest mistake people make is only trying a demo for a couple minutes and then purchasing the body only to realize that the body is not for them.  I was once like most of you and made a couple not so great purchases in SL that cost me quite a bit of Linden.  Now, when I demo I press every button on the HUDs, try on tons of mesh clothing to test the alpha system and play with appliers (if the demo is capable).
For my reviews I will focus on five key points: The Look & Customization, Ease of Use (ex: HUD, Lag, etc), Backwards Compatibility (Omega, Slink, etc), & Shopping/Applier Experience.
Overview:  So, here I go reviewing probably one of the most popular bodies in SL.  If you are looking for a body that is easy to use, looks great (for a typical sl standard avi shape), has a wonderful HUD and lots of creator support then this might be the body for you.  While there are plenty of mesh bodies to pick from I must say that, for the price, Slink is a really nice body to own.  The cost is a very generous 1250L!  This is not only a nice body but won't break the Linden bank, unless you do not own Slink hands and feet.  Then the cost of this body goes up as you have to have their hands and feet to go with this body.The HUD is simple and the alpha system is one of the best you can get.  Best of all this is a Slink body and you can wear your slink hands and feet flawlessly with it. 

The Look & Customization:  This body looks great!  What else can I say.  If you are like me and some others it might not be the best option in terms of high body fat.  But if you like the standard avi shape then its definitely a great choice.  It uses slink hands and feet, in extra small only, so there is not need to change any of your skins, nail polish , shoes etc.  The HUD makes customizing the body to fit mesh clothing a breeze.  It is one of the best HUDs on the market and for the price you pay I think you are getting an awesome deal!  You can wear most mesh clothing with this body and, because Slink is a huge brand in SL, many creators are making fitted mesh clothing that works with the Slink body right out of the box.  How is that for ease of use?  
Now for the not so good.  You cannot get this mesh body to be at a high body fat percentage.  So if you go 20% or higher then it won't look right.  Bummer.  The only bodies that seem to deliver on that aspect are the Lena Lush and Perfect Body XL and neither have the alpha HUD customization that Slink has making wearing mesh clothing a continued challenge for those avis who want curves.  The standard avi still reigns supreme in that aspect.  Another fun thing this body does, and I say fun sarcastically, is the disappearing tattoo layer!  Yes this thing has an alpha switch to prevent that but it is not very good and always turns my whole body white and sometimes black.  It sucks because more tattoo makers make things for Slink versus other mesh bodies and I cannot wear those tattoos.  It is a major bummer and probably the #1 reason why I hardly use this body personally.

Ease of Use: As stated above, the Slink Physique is super easy to use and set up.  No HUDs for the hands and feet.  Most likely you already own slink hands and feet so there is
no change here.  Tattoo and bra layer clothing does tend to disappear and reappear more so on this body than others and fixing it does not seem easy to do.  That is not the fault of the clothing creator.  It is more of an SL glitch with no easy solutions.  The HUD works with most mesh clothing and there are lots of chunks you can remove and show using it.  Skins are easy to find as most skin makers make at least Slink Physique appliers. Clothing is just as abundant with designers so finding clothes shouldn't be too much of an issue.  In terms of shaping the body, you will have a difficult time "fleshing" the body out beyond a "supermodel" type shape.  If that is the look you want then this body is great.

This body also comes with a bonus neck gap glitch that you can tint to match your skin-tone.  I used this with my other bodies and it really is a hit or miss.  I do not like skin matching and would spend about half an hour trying to skin match.  I wear many different skins so this proved to be annoying but the head gap is just a common mesh body issue.  Slinks solution is admirable but I , honestly, gave up on it and just wear collars and chokers over the gap with my bodies. lol

Backwards Compatibility:  As stated above this body is 100% compatible with your Slink hands and feet.  No need to worry at all. My fitmesh boobies (Cherry Bombs and Sinful Needs) also fit over the body with very little seams showing.  On a personal note I will always wear my fitmesh boobs with my bodies until someone makes a body where the sliders for the breasts allow for larger sizes.  All the boob sizes using sliders are incredibly tiny and irl I have big boobs so I would like to have that matched in SL.  You can call them porn star boobs and you can hate all you want but irl there are bigger chested women who just are not represented in SL very well.  Okay rant done. 

Now comes the not so great part: This body is NOT Omega compatible.  This is not Omegas fault but Slinks choice.  Slink wishes to protect their brand and not associate with Omega.  That is fine for them but for the customer it leaves a lot of issues.  One being that Omega is very popular and, for many creators, easier to create for than Slink.  I hear the Slink appliers are hard to make and you must be approved to even make them.  Newer and upcoming designers are more likely to be Omega compatible than Slink so this is a major disadvantage.  Also, you cannot convert omega appliers into slink.  NO WAY!  Sorry and the reverse goes for Omega appliers.  You cannot convert Slink to Omega anymore.  Once upon a time you could but now you cannot as Slink would rather protect their brand name and not make things user friendly for designers or their customers.  (Just my opinion, again I am not hating on Slink but ego is ego and well yeah it pisses me off that all my slink appliers cannot be converted and vice versa.)  I hardly use this body because it is not Omega compatible.

Shopping Experience:  You should not have a hard time finding clothes for your Slink body.  Mesh usually fits well over the body so this shouldn't be an issue either.  I do recommend to demo everything you buy just to make sure.  Its a rather easy shopping experience but you must note that more and more designers are going Omega and Omega only in some cases.  You cannot use Omega with Slink so as time goes on it might become more difficult to find stuff for the Physique.  Currently it is pretty easy and Slink is so popular that you might never have any issues finding clothes with Slink appliers.  A lot of my favorite designers are Omega only or use Omega.  I have a few mesh bodies so Omega compatibility is essential for me as I like to switch around.  This probably wont be the case for many of you out there but it is something to keep in mind if you do plan on wearing different bodies.

In conclusion, the Slink Physique is a nice body to get if you are looking for simplicity and a regular, standard avi shape with little curves (which I am guessing is the majority of SL sadly).The HUD is easy to use and works great with mesh clothing.  The alpha mask leaves much to be desired and makes wearing tattoos difficult as they tend to disappear and reappear without one on.  The alpha masks on other bodies do not seem to cause the white body issues that the Slink one does.  Maybe I am doing something wrong.  Slink hands, feet and other brands of mesh parts work great with the body.  No complaints there.  Either way, I like curves on my avi and this body is hard to shape for that.  I am an Omega lover and it is hard for me to go back to Slink since most of my bodies use Omega and my favorite designers all, for the most part, use Omega.  If the Omega compatibility and body shaping are not an issue for you then this is the body to get if you want to save lindens.  1250L is a great price and you get quality Slink support with your body.  


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