Vintage Cool

Rockabilly. . .I love the look and the style.  It is so epically elegant, classy and even casual.  A style for all occasions.  Kawaii Project opened last week and the theme was vintage and retro.  Two things I love oh so much (though not as much as Unicorns and Mermaids).  So many cute designs and styles. This vintage look I put together with items from the above event as well as Suicide Dollz and Lubbly Jubbilies.  I hope you enjoy today's look!

"It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new."
Tony Visconti

Vintage Cool
Shirt: Mouthie Tee by Infliction @ Lubbly Jubblies
Pants: Bleed Pink Jeans by Creep @ Suicide Dollz
Hair: Beverly by LCKY @ Kawaii Project
Choker: Bat Choker in Pastels by PSYCHO:Byts @ Suicide Dollz
Earrings: Cherry Frenzy by The Sugar Garden @ Kawaii Project
Tattoo: Moonlight Justice by antielle @ ORIGAMI
Belly Tat: Eat Me Cupcakes by PixelGeek
Heels: Vintage by Can'dee Mays 

Skin: Jewel (Apricots) in Cinnamon by Lumae (50% off!!) @ Skin Fair 2015