Why Take Life So Seriously Anyways??

Happy Monday everybody!  I know most people do not like Mondays but here is how I look at it: Its the start of a new "working" week which means it's a new week to start right and make it better than last week!  After all, why would you want it to be worse than last week.  My life isnt all rosey either but I know that if I believe this week will turn out better than the last, then it will.  Thats the power of the human mind.  We shape our world, both real life and our second life.  I have gotten some negative comments, as of late, over my lolas/sinful needs implants. . . Seriously!  Why are people taking shit so seriously.  It is Second Life.  Fucking enjoy it and stop worrying about what other people are doing.  My boobs aren't doing anything to you, except either making you super jelly or, if you aren't into it, then DERENDER ME!  Omg it's so easy.  It always surprises me at how many people dislike boobs.  Like boobs are beautiful (I'm not a lesbian or bi but yeah they rock).  Boobs of all kinds (even mommy/gaia goddess boobs as I call them) are lovely, so why hate???  IRL, yeah maybe most womens boobs arent as round as the SL implants BUT they can certainly be as big (lol, look at our bra section at the store and tell me they don't exist).  SO get over it, have fun and STOP BEING SO SERIOUS!  You only live once and we are lucky to be even able to have a Second Life!   
So chill, love life and LOVE BOOBS OF ALL KINDS!

PS:Like it's super gacha fever month right cause the Arcade is going on, Erotigacha just launched with it's vintage theme (oooh kinky!), Irish gacha will start soon, Chapter Four has its awesomeness of gacha, Gacha Mania will start on the 15th and the new event ORIGAMI has a butt load of Japanese themed gachas!  Sooooo you cant complain this month that there are a lack of gachas to play cause there are TONS!!

Why so Serious
Shirt: I <3 Boobies (gacha) by Epic
Pants: Lowride Jeans in Black RARE by Toxic*High
Undies: Sexy Lace Panties by Crazy Kitty

Mad Hatter Top Hat by Dandy and Niki (Alice in Wonderland 1L Hunt) @ Toxic*High Choker: Sir Fluffybutt in Blue by Buttery Toast (closed)
Earrings: Ear Cuff Dead Head  Gold RARE by Swallow @ The Arcade
Rings: Heart me Rang in Nectarine (gacha) by Holli Pocket
          My Melted Bat Ring in Kiwi (gacha) by UtopiaH (Dazed)
Heels: Revenge Heels in Black by Reign
Belly Chain: OWNED Adult Worded Belly Chain Gacha by Pomposity @ Erotigacha March 2015

Glasses:  Breakfast for One by (yummy) @ Arcade

Hair: Gabi Hair in Red 8 (gacha) by Pr!tty @ Chapter Four (March 2015)
Tattoo: Maiden by Datum
Skin: Evie in Cookie by Lumae

Cute little deer with the bow: Dik Dik (Sunshine) by +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade

EDIT: Crap I forgot to credit the Pygmy Goat on my shoulder. Its by +Half-Deer+ and it's a (RARE) gacha available in their store!