Another Lazy Sunday

Now accepting lazy Sunday cuddle buddy. We will literally do nothing but watch movies and cuddle.
Lazy Sunday


Top: Essence Blouse by Epoch 
Pants: Devi Jeans 2-Tone Pack by Epoch *New*
Hair: Noa by DeLa @ The Cosmetics Fair *New* 
Heels: Derin2 Platform by Bens Boutique 

Collar: Spiked Collar Gacha Devoted by Nani 
Necklace: Eagle Necklace by B'Leaf @ IDK *New* 
Eye Piercings: Mera Piercing by Ni.Ju
Arm Cuffs & Rings: Cleopatra's Bangles & Rings by Lar's Workshop @ Create Your Own Tarot *New* 
Bindi: Bindi #14 by Kibitz @ The Cosmetics Fair *New*

Upper Body Tattoo: Witchery Tattoo by Body Fluid @ The Thrift  Shop *New* 
Hand tattoos: Skelly Hands Mono by Clemm @ Cosmopolitan Room *New* 
Skin: Joan Avatar in Deep by HS Elite @ The Beach Bum Affair *New* 
Pose: September Gift (Bling Hunt) by Diesel Works 

Photos take on the Instruments event sim.