Nerdy is the new Sexy

“I’m not anti-social; I’m just not user-friendly”.

I love being a nerd

Outfit: Nerd is the New Sexy by Lust Desires *New*
Hair: The Rhythm Hair by Olive @ Hair Fair 2015 *New*
Heels: Dots on Meh Feet by Geek (closed)

Crown: Burger Geek Party Crown by Geek (Closed)
Glasses: Stan Lee You Genius Glasses by Geek (Closed)
Niffler: Niffler Mocha Pelt by !OhMai @ The Wizarding Faire 2015 *New*

Skin: Ashley Tone 8 by la Petite Morte @ Indie Teepee *New*

Pose: Family History 4 (gacha) by infiniti

Kodama Spirits by Jian
Unicorn Foals by Darkened Stare @ Wizarding Faire *New*
DIY Spring Boxes by 8f8
Stockholm Bedroom books by Bazar
Retro Gamer Bookshelf (gacha) by Alouette
The Ghoul Hellpup Plopped (gacha) by Sweet Thing & Darkened Stare
Secret Stash Bibliophile by Epoch @ Oh My Gacha *New*