Take It Off!

Have you ever wondered if those dollar bills in your wallet might have once been in a strippers butt? You're wondering now... ~Anonymous

Take it Off

Jumpsuit: Kisses for You! (50L Special!) by Lust Desires *New*
Hair: Peaches (gacha)  by Spellbound *New*
Heels: Red Cupid Bow Heels (gacha) by KRAVE @ The Manga Fair

Piercings: Karoline Facial Poercongs by Suicidal Unborn
Collar: Star Brite Collar RARE by Melon Bunny @ The Manga Fair *New*

Tattoo: Dark White Star Collar Tattoo by Urban Street
Skin: India v2 in Tone 8 by La Petite Morte
Mouth: Nyam Nyam by Cathode Rays

Pose w/ Pole: Pole Dancer Poses by K&S

Neon Signs (gacha) by DeviousMind