Winter is Waiting

Morning awakes
Night is drifting away
Winter's approaching
Time to go or stay
I see migrants traveling
To a far-away world
Reflected in black waters and you

Turn green meadows into grey
Can you feel the winter waiting?
Ice-cold rivers turn to blue
Can you see the jewel shining?
~Lyrics from Misseri by Leaves Eyes

Winter is Waiting


Gown: Pompeii Blue Gown by Wimey *New*
Hair: Bella Hair by Phoenix *New*

Wings:  Gatotkaca Metalic Wide Wings RARE by CLAVv *New*
Horns: Horns of Hell by UtopiaH (closed)
Bindi: Moon Bindi (Past hunt item) by Haste
Choker: Monarch Collar by [QE] Designs
Piercings: Karoline Facial Piercings by Suicidal Unborn
Earrings: Snow Queen Pearl Earrings by The Annex

Tattoo: Henna Tattoo Sleeves by Speakeasy @ The Lexi Project *New*
Skin: Nighe High Priestess in Drow by PixyStix
Mouth: Nyam Nyam by Cathode Rays

Pose w/ Lantern: Light in the Dark by Black Tulip