I Rise Again

"Out of her cave came the ancient Lilith; Lilith the wise; Lilith the enchantress. There ran a little path outside her dwelling; it wound away among the mountains and glittering peaks, and before the door one of the Wise Ones walked to and fro. Out of her cave came Lilith, scornful of his solitude, exultant in her wisdom, flaunting her shining and magical beauty."
~From The Cave of Lilith by George William Russell

I Rise Again


Pants: Wonder Woman Pants by Conotte *New*
Hair: Silva Hair by Runaway Hair @ We <3 Roleplay *New*
Choker: For Love Collar by YumYums (Closed)
Horns: Pierced Horns by Katat0nik
Wings: Ravaged Wings by Jian *New*
Necklace: Necklace Black Pearl by Aphorism
Piercing: Extreme 1 by Artificial Artificial Hallucinations
Tattoo: Sailor Jerry by Seb Ink
Skin: Latte Skin Tone by Genesis Lab
Head: Lilith Head 2.0 by Genesis Lab

Pose: Alone, Feel, Gone by Glamrus

Trees, Sweet Garden Grass & Shrubs by HPMD
Spirit Flames by Paper Moon
Small Skull Pile by Mindshift