Kajira's Repose

It is said, in a Gorean proverb, that a man, in his heart, desires freedom, and a woman, in her belly, yearns for love. The collar, in its way, answers both needs. 
John Norman, Slave Girl of Gor, page 180

Kajiras Repose

Pasties: Wicked Nipple Pasties by Soedara
Panties: Chain Panties by The Forge
Body Chain: Anastasia Body Chain RARE by The Forge
Hair: The Pumpkin Hair Gacha Pumpkin Pie by Olive & Blues Hair @ The Arcade *New*
Shoes: Chain Mail Shoes by The Forge

Headpiece: Anastasia Headpiece RARE by The Forge
Face Chains: Face Chain by The Forge
Earrings: Earring (Anastasia Set) by The Forge
Bracelets: Endora Bracelet by Aisling

Tattoo: Owned, Be Kind Tattoo by Dita's Couture @ MaMy Shopping Event *New*
Skin: Toffee Tone by Fluture (Genesis Lab)
Head: Alicia 2.0 Head RARE Emotions by Genesis Lab @ The Cosmetics Fair *New*

Pose: Kajiras Repose by Picture This! (Closed)

Tent w/ Silks: Arabian Tent Style 2 by PPK
Hookah & Lamp: Nomad Lantern & Hookah RARE by 22769 Bauwerk