A Dolls Life

I'm just a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie Doll world.

This post shows one of those weird fantasies that I had when I was a kid about being a doll and getting to play with all the cool toys while I was at school or asleep.  lol.  Yeah, I know thats dorky but I really thought the dolls had the life.  My avi is not a doll avi in this image.  She is sporting a Doll Parts tattoo by PixyStix.  It works with all mesh bodies and parts.  The skin is by alterego and is at Totally Top Shelf.  It only comes in 1 color (snow) and there aren't any head appliers yet but maybe one day . . . The cute animals and their accessories are by Precious Angel and are a gacha at MaMy Shopping Event.  Those cat things are so cute their big eyes blink!  O.O  Sooo cuuute!  I am also sporting a loud mouth in this pic.  No mesh head today.  Enjoy the look.

A Dolls Life
Untouched Close-Ups


Dress: Boo Dress Skulls by The Doll House *New*
Hair: Apple Spice RARE by Besom @ The Epiphany *New*
Shoes: Dolly Plats by Infliction

Crown: Queen of Hearts Crown by Mesh Glam @ The Mad Circus *New*
Nose Chain: Empress Piercing by Infliction
Choker: Heart Choker by Glutz
Necklace: Tea Time Grunge RARE by Mesh Glam @ The Mad Circus *New*
Bracelet: Red Spade Bracelet by Mesh Glam @ The Mad Circus *New*
Ring:Queen of Hearts Ring by Mesh Glam @ The Mad Circus *New*
Kitty: Purrrfect Angel Hold Pink RARE by Precious Angel @ MaMy Shopping Event *New*

Skin: Victoria Snow by Alterego @ Totally Top Shelf *New*
Eyes: We Are the Freaks: Blackout by Pin Me Down @ Freak Show Gacha *New*
Tattoo: Doll Parts 2 The Tattoo by PixyStix

Pose w/ Doll Key: Poupee B by Le Poppycock @ The Chapter Four *New*

Posters: Art is War,Art is Revolution, Art is Truth & Art is Innocence by Rook @ Genre *New*
Dresser & Shelves: Twisted Trio RARE by 1313 Mockingbird Lane @ The Mad Circus *New*
Purrrfect Angel Kitties & Accessories (gacha) by Precious Angel @ MaMy Shopping Event *New*
Bed: Minerva's Trundle Bed/Open by Noctis
Roses: DIY Love Potion Roses by Aisling