Adventure Awaits

Inside of aeons from chaotic spires
A shell of frozen time
Where beats the silent ocean
Of shadows turned sublime
Forces of inspiring luminescence
Guide the hidden way
I know that it will take me to
Another golden age
Sundered from daylight, by the rage of the unseen
Betwixt carbonic plateaus where rarity convenes
Under the heat of a thousand suns destruction is attained
When flows the red and ochre histories ingrained
Legends pass and time ticks on, entropy prevails
Into the endless darkness every ship must sail
Ouroboros uncoiled, the circle ends tonight
One thousand years of history banished from all sight
The sun will set forever
Never to rise again
And in the coming darkness
We‘ll fight to the bitter end
Our legend passed from memory
It‘s time to turn the page
The sun has set upon the golden age
~Lyrics from "Sunset on the Golden Age" by Alestorm

Yarr Harr Harr!  Yes, Enchantment is Peter Pan and I just have to start doing some pirate pictures!  Here is one of a small number I will do.  :P  This style has one of my favorite pirate outfits in SL, Commander by !gO!.  It is a gacha so fair warning.  And, yes like most of !gO!'s gachas you win piece by piece.  Yeah I admit I pulled some hair out playing this one but it was so worth it as this outfit is gorgeous!  The cute hair is by RunAway and can be found at this round of Enchantment.  The hair does not come with the hat but, traditionally, pirates wore bandanas like the one on RunAway's hair over their heads and then put their hats on top.  Helps with the sweat I assume.  Each hair pack comes with a color change HUD for the bandana.  The ears are by Bent Box and are by far my favorite purcahse this month.  They are fully animated or can be static.  You can also program them to move when you walk or have them static.  Bad news is that these are not Omega compatible.  But, many designers are already coming out with appliers for these too so be on the lookout! I hope you enjoy this look!
Adventure Awaits


Outfit including Hat and Socks: Commander 3 by !gO!
Hair: Yarr Harr by RunAway @ Enchantment *New*
Parrot: Parrot Multicolored by Galli
Piercing: Black Khol Septum by Tabou Irresistable 
Tattoo: Vertigo Top by White Widow
Eye Tattoo: Yume by White Widow @ On9 *New*
Skin: Lelutka Applier Kim in Ebony by Deetalez
Ears: Sylvan Ears by Bent Box @ We <3 Roleplay *New*
Pose: Bucanera F2 by Fashiowl Poses