Trust can take years to build, but only a second to break.    
 -- Unknown

Yay!  The Fantasy Gacha is opening today!  I love gachas and I love this event.  When you stop by go on and play Lab737's machine.  My avatars are sporting the armor in both the light and dark colors for your viewing pleasure.  :P  It is super detailed and has resize script menus that make each piece fit to your body shape.  I wanted to go for a good versus evil but change things with the color and skin plus the armor.  Most associate white with good and dark for evil but in this pic I have the lighter avi in the dark armor and skull makeup and the red, dark avi in the white "good guy" armor.  So which one is the bad guy anyways??  I will leave that to your imagination.



Armor: Equinox by LAB737 @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*
Pasties: Nipple Cover Freebies by Soedara
Tattoo: Celtic Tattoo by Carol G Tattoo Wear
Skin #1: Niska Varda Lady Death GG by Lumae *New*
Skin #2 (Red): Adore Naamah by Lumae

Pose w/ Staff:  Sylwan Warriors by Rack Poses