The Dog Lady

The more boys I meet the more I love my dog. 
~Carrie Underwood

I love these fuzzy puffy little doggies by Jian!  There are so many of them.  Some are bundled up for the cold weather, ones sleeping and some are in a wagon.  The make cute puppy sounds and are nicely animated.  More quality work from Jian!  Anyways, I decided to go ahead and sport my new Giselle Loud Mouth with the new Victoria Brown Sugar Rare skin from The Thrift Shop.  The mouth is wonderful and I do have close ups that are unedited below so you can take a closer look at the mouth if you want.  I do not edit my mesh mouths in photoshop, however, I will let you know I always have SL set up to a standard windlight (or 2 or 3) lol so that i hardly ever see seams and if i do it is faint and does not bother me.  I'm usually using either Calwl, Analu Studio 5 or Brees Appleblossom.  I know there are other windlights but those are my staples.  The hair is by Pink Hustler and is uber cute!  Totally had to be as cute as those pups.  Enjoy the look.  :)

The Dog Lady


Dress: Knit Fast Die Warm Gertrude Dress RARE by Dead Dollz @ The Gacha Garden *New*
Hair: 8104 by Pink Hustler *New*
Stockings: Whimsey Tights by Atomic
Heels: Adeline Dollie Platforms Black Lace RARE by Irrie's Doll HouseThe Gacha Garden  *New*

Piercing: Roses Nose Chain by Tabou Irresistible @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*
Wings: Unseelie Wings Bat Harvest by DarkendStare The Gacha Garden  *New*
Puppy & Puppy Wagon: Puff Wagon Express RARE & Bundled White Puff by JianThe Gacha Garden  *New*

Mouth: Giselle by Loud Mouth *New*
Skin: Victoria Brown Sugar 2 RARE by Alterego @ The Thrift Shop *New*
Pose: Walkin' Three by Flowey

Siamese Barn Meowl & Grey Screech Meowl by Hextraordinary *New*
Harvest Setting - Harvest Pumpkins by Casita *New*
WelcomeFall Gacha 4 Guitar case and reaf by Monkey Girl *New*

Everything Else:
Autumn Pavillion Scene Fat Pack by Stormwood @ We <3 RolePlay *New*