Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Carrier of a Dark Message

Some selfish people rise because some kind people haven't learned the art of saying no to them.
~Sanhita Baruah

Fair Play is in full swing and you all should check it out.  Some awesome Angels and Demon themed stuff there.  The outfit with horns and wings by BrokenStyle is from Fair Play and looks so cute.  Like all mesh bikinis though it was difficult fitting it to my Maitreya Mesh body without going to almost 0 for my boobs and body fat.  So fair warning it is standard mesh and not fitted so demo it first!  The hair is from RunAway and is at the current Hairology round.  It is lovely and has 3 sizes (regular, fitted and boobs).  The head is the Genesis Lab group gift and the skin is from the previous Collabor88 event.  Enjoy!

Carrier of a Dark Message


Outfit w/ Horns & Wings: Dark Angel by Brokenstyle @ Fair Play *New*
Hair: Mia Hair by RunAway @ Hairology *New*
Choker: Kurama Choker by Air
Eyes: Delirium's Eye by SongBird
Tattoo: Noya Tattoo by Speakeasy @ The Seasons Story *New*
Head: Lara 2.0 (Gift) by Genesis Lab *New*
Skin: Ellie in Toffee by Genesis Lab *New*
Pose w/ Falcon: Girl with Falcon Set by Nanika @ Fair Play *New*