In Love with Your Darkness

Loving me will NOT be easy, it will be war... so breath and embrace the beauty of the massacre that lies ahead...
~R.M Drake

We all tend to forget that with love we end up loving all sides of a person and when you are with someone you love that dark side we tend to hide comes out.  That is the part of someone we must all love and embrace for anything lasting to occur.  So, we must all embrace this deep darkness with love because it is sometimes that very thing that keeps us together.
Some new events are on the horizon!  On the Boardwalk Gacha will have a Bitter Love theme for those who are like me and dislike the V-Day.  Haha.  October's 4 Seasons has a new group gift skin out: Aquarius.  Like usual it comes packed with all body appliers and an Omega Head Applier!  My friend La Biche just released a new set of horns with a HUD chock full of colors and options to make the horns match.  There are plain horns and ones with butterflies and "galaxies".  I love his stuff so you should check these and his other releases out.

In Love with Your Darkness


Dress: Shimmer Gown by Epoch @ Suicide Dollz *New*
Hair: Solace by Stealthic @ Fair Play *New*
Horns: Noyel Horns by La Biche *New*
Halo, Wings & Arrow: Give Me Love Head Accessory, Arrow & Wings Ultra RARE by Since 1975 @ The Gacha Garden *New*
Chocker: Abigail Choker by The Little Bat!
Skin: Age of Aquarius Fenruary Group Gift Skin by October's 4 Seasons *New*
Head: Adriana by Ga.Eg *New*
Pose: PinUp 06 by Purple Poses


Signs of the heart: Forgotten where I begin Ultra rare by Beyond the Dark @ OTB: Bitter Love Gacha *Coming Soon*
Broken Hearted Curtains by Dahllywood @ OTB: Bitter Love Gacha *Coming Soon*
Voodoo Pin The Ex by Magnum Opus @ OTB: Bitter Love Gacha *Coming Soon*