The Players in this Love Affair

Complete, I'm here, alone
Just won't be there to hold me to
Look into my eyes, my eyes

Complete, I'm here
I'm here, I'm here
Look into my eyes
And tell me that you're here too

Stop playing with those other girls
You know it drives me crazy
I'm feeling like a loaded gun
And when it's done I'm the only one

I'm your doll
Wind me up
I'm your doll
Dress me up
I'm your doll
Love me rough
I'm your doll
I'm your doll
~ Lyrics from "I'm Your Doll" by FKA Twigs
The Players in this Love Affair

Unedited Close-Ups


Dress: Bloody Valentine's Dress by Epoch @ The Thrift Shop *New*
Heels: Spring Booties by Wicca's Wardrobe @ The Instruments *New*
Hair: Top Shelf by Analog Dog @ Hairology *New*
Choker: Flower Lace Choker by Something @ Flower Power *New*
Necklace: Grim Love Necklace RARE by The Little Bat! @ OtB: Bitter Love *New*
Cuffs: Cabochon Cuffs by The Little Bat! @ Flower Power *New*
Tattoo: Mumtaz Mahal by Pin Up @ TODA *New*
Skin: Lynn in Cinnabar (Omega Head Applier) by Delizio
Pose w/ Stage: Le Petit Theater by Mole End

The Dispensary Set: Stool, Cabinet, Rolling Cabinet, Books, Medicine Bottles, & Canisters by Nefarious Inventions *New*
Pendant Lamp by Poliak's Emporium @ Flower Power *New*
KOI Square Confetti by E.V.E Studio @ We <3 Roleplay *New*
Love Connection by Pieces of Pai @ TODA *New*
Broken Hearted Mirror & Cage by Dahllywood @ OtB: Bitter Love *New*