“The Princess Andromeda?"
"Went ka-boom.”

― Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian

This time going "pew pew" to the control panels yielded unwanted results in the lab . . . 

New stuff from La Biche.  He has created some new horns for Roulett3.  As usual theya re resizable via Edit and have a color change HUD.  There are also bloody options for the horns which I am wearing below.  I was playing in photoshop again and thought trying to do an explosion pic with me disintegrating would be fun.  Other events featured here are the Multiverse event and Whore Couture.  Check both events out for some awesome and sexy goodness!


Unedited Close Ups

(More slurls coming)

Bodysuit: Twerk Dress by Kathaarian @ WCF5 *New*
Hair: Interlude by Spellbound @ WCF5 *New*
Horns: Urchin Horns by La Biche @ Roulett3 *New*
Headset: Clinger Visor by Hopscotch @ Multiverse *New*
Gun: Go! Go! Blaster Nova RARE by Kitty's Claws @ Multiverse *New*
Leg Straps: Leg Strap by Muka @ WCF5 *New*
Heels: Montgomery by Essenz @ WCF5 *New*
Tattoo: Into Nature (5L Gift!) by I<3F @ WCF5
Skin: Emma Cypher V1 Special Edition by Soul @ Multiverse *New*
Pose: Captain Awesome III by Grafica @ Multiverse *New*