Welcome Ostara!

The death sleep of winter has slowly faded,
the rigor of the ground loosens,
and the earth is once more reborn.
Like Mithras and Osiris,
reborn from death,
life returns again to the land,
springing up as the snow melts away.
As the soil warms and the days grow longer,
dew forms along new sprouts of grass,
bringing life back.
Awaken! Awaken! Awaken!
And rise!
Let the earth come to life again,
and welcome the light of spring!

~Ostara Prayer by Unknown

Welcome Ostara!
Unedited Close Up


Dress & Rose Crown: Darcy Dress & Rose Crown Gacha by Bluemoon Enterprises @ Fair Play *New*
Hair: Tierney by Truth Hair @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Heels: Boudoir Pumps by Garbaggio @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Horns: Rose Horns by Neverwish @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Skin: The Noble Skin by Stargazer Creations @ Genre *New*
Pose w/ Tea cup: Cup of Tea No1 by EvoLove @ Sanarae *New*


Seelie Court Thrones Set by UnKindness @ OneWord *New*
Poetry Spring Bench & Bunnies by Cheeky Pea @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Starched Linen Pinwheels by Striped Mocha @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
The Easter Egg Tree by Aphrodite Shop & Hayabusa *New*
Forest Friends (Giant & Little) by +Half-Deer+
Cotton Bunnies by Anc