When You Require a Miracle, Trust in a Witch!

“Witches were a bit like cats. They didn’t much like one another’s company but they did like to know where all the other witches were, just in case they needed them. And what you might need them for was to tell you, as a friend, that you were beginning to cackle.”
― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

Welcome to my Witchy Kitchen :P

Something to note about this image is the top.  It is really a lace top but i wanted the tattoo to show so i had to have the alpha switch on.  What this did was make the lace in the top solid.  Sorry for this.  This is one reason you don't see me wear applier lace too much unless its mesh.  Most lace (applier) is lingerie too which you rarely see me in.  When I'm mostly naked, most of the time, I want to wear a tattoo.  Sorry, it is how I am.  I felt naked in this outfit without a tattoo.  LOL.  I have an unedited shot below of the lace top without the layer turned on so you can see what it looks like.  It is a really cute top.  Grab it at the Omega Fantasy Affair event!  Enjoy!

When You Require a Miracle, Trust in a Witch!

Unedited Close-Ups


On Me:
Outfit: Uma Corset with Peg Pants by Candies Cuties @ Omega Fantasy Affair *New*
Shoes: The Mynerva Flats by Plastik
Choker: Vintage Alice Necklace (Free Gift!) by M's Avon @ Tea Party Fair *New*
Piercing: Akasha Septum V2 by DirtyStories *New*
Tattoo: Koi Tattoo Love by Nightmare @ The Creativity Collective *New*
Skin: Rayne in Ash [Empower] by Alterego *New*
Pose w/ Wand & Hat: Everything She Does is Magic Set by Elephante Poses & Lost Junction @ OneWord *New*

Mayview BAr & Stools by
Lost Junction @ Sanarae *New*
Vintage Kitchen Cabinet by PPK @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
DIY Love Potion - Alchemy of Love RARE, True Love & Key & Light My Fire Lantern by Aisling
Fairy Fantasy Rug Stripe by Epoch *New*
Kitchen Junk Shelf RARE & Hanging Tools by Vespertine @ The Arcade *New*
Master Alchemists Shelf 1 by Noctis
Vintage Fridge *KitchenPal* by Irrie's Doll House
Phoenix Companion by Hextraordinary