Saturday, April 30, 2016

An Otherworld of Possibilities

We are the last . . .  Help us return to our once beautiful oceans.  We fled from the poisonous waters of Malfience to this precious world behind the veil of reality: Otherworld.  We are the last . . . The ones who holds on past . . .
Clinging on something we used to have . . .

An Otherworld of Possibilities


Mermaid Outfit: Black Scale Mermaid by Bare Rose
Crown: Unisex Dragon Crown by Love @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Skin: Ranitomeya in F3 Special Edition RFL by Soul @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Hair: Threads by Moon Hair @ Uber *New*
Vampire Teeth by Catwa
Catwa Mascara Tears by EvoLove
Pose: Merrow 04m by Musa

Photo taken on the OtherWorld sim @ The Fantasy Faire