In Loving Memory

No love resides here
No solace can be found
Underneath the cold soil
Where the sleeping gods lie

There is nothing to remember
When you are lost
There is nothing to strive for
When you are gone

~Lyrics "Lay the Ghost to Rest" by Insomnium

The last days of the Black Fashion Fair are here!  Hurry as this event ends the 29th!  You do not want to miss all the lovely items all in BLACK!  My favorite color (yes, I know it is not a color but i do not care!)

In Loving Memory


On Me:
Outfit: Jude Dress by Dead Dollz @ The Black Fashion Fair *New*
Hair: Josephine by Blues Hair @ The Seasons Story *New*
Skin: Niska Varda Hollow by Lumae
Pose w/ Flowers: Girl with Roses Pose Set by Nanika @ Tres Chic *New*


"The Dreamer" Sleeping WIllow Tree by Circa @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Cubic Dreams by E.V.E Studio @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Lucentia Bushes by The Looking Glass @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Gravestone RARE by oOo Studio
Sleepwarking Rose Wreath by Anc