Friday, April 1, 2016

Warrior of Light

“We are the warriors of light. With the strength of our love, of our will, we can change our destiny, and the destiny of many others.”
~from "The Valkyries" by Paulo Coelho

A Warrior of Light

Unedited Close Ups


On Me:
Outfit w/ Boots & Armbands: Samia in Red by Mistique @ Fair Play *New*
Wire Jacket: Dystopia: "What Binds Us" Ivy Jacket Gold Ultra Rare by E.V.E Studio @ The Gathering *New*
Hair: Rihanna by Sintiklia @ Fair Play *New*
Bracers: Conjurer Bracers by Velvet Whip @ The Gathering *New*
Wings: Azreal Bone Wings by Remarkable Oblivion
Headpiece: A Midsummers Night Headdress by Zyn @ Fair Play *New*
Halo: Zadikiel's Halo by BluPrintz @ The Gathering *New*

Tail: Kusarigama Tail (Gold) RARE by CerberusXing @ The Gathering *New*
Eye Makeup: Saryna Makeup in Red by Ghost'Ink @ Fair Play *New*
Skin: Tanya (Genesis Labs Emily Applier) in Milky by Lara Hurley
Pose w/ Sword: Game of Wars 03 by Eternal Dream


Dystopia: "What Binds Us" Ghost Chains by E.V.E Studio @ The Gathering *New*
Koi Square Confetti Rings by E.V.E Studio
Studio Set Castle by Death Row Designs
Heartside Fire Pit by Jian