The Monster in the Closet

As a child, I was aware that, at night, infrared vision would reveal monsters hiding in the bedroom closet only if they were warm-blooded. But everybody knows that your average bedroom monster is reptilian and cold-blooded.”
~Neil deGrasse Tyson, Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries

I knew he always existed . . . 

The Creator's Collection Box (A.K.A The CCB) is opening up for a brand new round on May 21st!!  
I am so excited to have the opportunity to share some of the amazing creations these Japanese Designers have created!  Below I am featuring a new Frog Avatar Gacha by Naminoke.  There are about 20 different colors to win.  They are super cute and so much fun to wear!  The dolls are a new set by !gO! for Whimsical.  I absolutely loved her first set of dolls and was so excited to see the matching set with male dolls to go with!  If you missed her first doll gacha you should visit her shop (slurl in credits) and give it a few pulls.  Enjoy this image!

The Monster in the Closet


Froggy Avatar by Naminoke *Coming Soon to the CCB*

Wardrobe Hideout by PewPew @ Love to Decorate *New*
Love mY Dolls 2: Maks, Krzys, Kacper, Pawel & Black Horse RARE by !gO! @ Whimsical *New*
The Dispensary Book Stack by Nefarious Inventions