In Love & Murder

It's only in love and in murder that we still remain sincere.
~FRIEDRICH DÜRRENMATT, Incident at Twilight

In Love & Murder

Unedited Close Ups


On Me:
Skin w/ Cleaver: Madpea Skin "Gorie" by Plastik for "The Interview" Madpea Hunt *New*
Tattoo: Lika Tattoo RARE by Nanika @ The Project Se7en *New*
Bracelet: Rally To Rescue Pit Bull Bracelet by GBMC (Free Gift!) for Rally to Rescue *New*
Hair: Jezebeth by Mina Hair
Pose: Turkish Bath 2 by EvoLove *New*

Sacred Bathtub, Medieval Braziel (Gift!), Yucca Plant (Free Gift!), Bull Fountain (New!), Natural Sofa Bed & Trunk Coffer by Noble Creations
Malabar Rugs by Digs
Alaouite Skybox Prefab Luxebox June by Scarlet Creative *New