“And Goodness knows
The Wicked's lives are lonely
Goodness knows
The Wicked die alone”

― Stephen Schwartz, Wicked: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Musical 

Speakeasy now makes poses!!!!  Check out the new sets he has in his shop or see his sexy new ones at The Fetish Fair!!  Since Enchantment is themed Oz, The Yellow Bricked Road, I had to do a Wicked Witch picture.  Most did Dorothy and well, I don't blame them since the event is filled with almost 90% Dorothy stuff (Cue the roll eyes smiley face).  There was only 1 Good Witch dress there too!  I was shocked as I thought she would have been a great character to have made items for.  Only Aisling and one other made for her.  I wanted more of the other characters.  There was a few Wicked Witch things and I bought the gown at the !gO! Mainstore since the event did not really have any.  So, it took some store hunting, but, I put together this little number for all you Wicked fans. Enjoy!



Pose: Laura Pose Set 1 by Speakeasy *New*
Dress: Vera Dress by !gO!
Hat, Collar & Sleeves: The Wicked Witch Set & Freebie Hat by Noble Creations @ Enchantment *New*
Wand & Portraits: Corrupted Witch Staff & Dream Frames by Aisling @ Enchantment *New*
Hair: Beyond Stars by Mello
Skin: Eirtae - Elphaba // Bare by Lumae @ Enchantment *New*

Flying Monkey by Swagga @ Enchantment *New*
Fortunes teller - crystal ball by Milk Motion