Quoth the Raven

I haunt your fears
Though you don't know of my duty
To lead your path
Because I'll take you home to rest
In my black wings enfolding you


Prizes from the Madpea Lost Inca Game!!!!  If you have not played Madpeas new puzzle adventure then you have to jump in, buy a HUD and be prepared to be amazed and challenged!  The prizes from this game are so worth the work.  The price is 1,000L for a game HUD and there are additional items you can get to help you through the quests for sale as well as an accessory gacha with assist items and Inca decor.  I am featuring Boudoir, PFC and Noodles prizes from the game.  PFC has another piece in their prize but I felt that the axe fit this image more.  The same for Noodles.  There are more pieces to the jewelry set than just the golden septum.  The crown and armor is by The Forge and is part of the Gacha Guardians event.  Just TP to The Forge and click the game board to get a HUD and tp to all the different stores collecting gems (I think that is what they are).  You can play each gacha (Or just click the rune stone and move on) and for every 10 pulls you get a gift of the guardians (GOTG).  These gifts can be used to collect exclusive items once you complete the HUD. 

Quoth the Raven


On Me:
Armor & Headpiece: Imani Set Gold by The Forge for The Gacha Guardians *New*
Septum: Inca Septum Gold by Noodles (Madpea Inca Game Prize!) *New*
Bracelets: Karina Bracelet Set by Kibitz @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Staff: Inca Septer by PFC (Madpea Inca Game Prize!) *New*
Hair: Halverson by Oleander
Tattoo: Nikita Tattoo by La Baguette *New*
Skin: Nanny in Africa 01 (gacha Catwa Applier) by Glam Affair
Pose: My Ravens by Fashiowl Poses @ Salem *New*


Golden Inca Mama Cocha Statue by Madpea (Inca Game Prize!) *New*
Wearable Treasure Pile by Boudoir (Madpea Inca Game Prize!) *New*
Onigashima Hall  Way Block Wall & Brick  path Cracked [Moss] by Fuubutsu Doll @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Flower of the Moon {Bronze/Red} by E.V.E Studio @ The Moon Festival *New*