Halloween on Christmas

The devil stole a yule tree decorated with souls
Jesus trick or treating as him below
Heaven, Limbo and Hell - purgatory oh well oh well

Halloween in Heaven - it's Christmas in Hell
Halloween in Heaven oh well oh well
~"Halloween in Heaven" by Type O Negative

I thought doing a Halloween happening on Xmas picture would be funny.  I mean, if your goth, then Halloween is all year long right?  So a gothic Xmas makes total sense.  Thats how my ideal Christmases would be if i had the chance to decorate for myself.  :P  The cute dress is by Sweet Lies and comes in 3 different color/texture 2 packs.  You can find it at The Coven.  The funky Xmas tree and coffin gifts are by Nefarious Inventions and are actually an old release from last year.  I love it so much I have used it quite a bit.  The kitty is a Hocus Pocus event item you can win if you go to the shop and say "Hocus Pocus" in chat for a chance to win.  It is a hard game (and I think ended a few days ago) but luckily you can buy it for 50L at Psycho:Byts shop!!

Halloween on Christmas


Skin: Bae in Canelle (On Catwa Bibi) by Egozy *New*
Coven Dress Pack 2 by Sweet Lies @ The Coven Event *New*
Familiar Cat Poison by Psycho:Byts *New*
RUMOR (HAIR)- FATPACK #3 RARE by Besom @ The Epiphany *New*
Pose w/ Lights: Tasty Xmas by BellePoses

Deadwood Tree, Stacked Coffin Presents & Deadwood Fire Place by Nefarious Inventions
Wall Pendulum by Noble Creations
Butterfly Chair & Stomp Table by Twilight @ Sanarae *New*
Vintage Corner - Shelf by Apt B
Looking-glass. {oval mirror} platinum by Anc