"Of course I know how to roll a joint."
― Martha Stewart

So this post is in dedication to all the states who have made marijuana legal over the past few years. Washington, Oregon and Colorado being first and now California, Maine, Massachusetts & Nevada.  Albeit, the laws for the later 4 states have their pros and cons, it is a step to get something legal that should have never been made illegal in the first place.  But this is just my opinion.  I know many who disagree with me.  Is this an overall smart decision?  Only time will tell.  Just because I want something does not make it the best thing for society as a whole.  Honestly, I do not partake in marijuana at all.  However, the research and medicinal aspects of it are fascinating.  This post is featuring a new gacha decor set by Industry7 for 6 Republic.  They had Amsterdam and they did coffee and . . . weed!  LOL.  Of course right?  A few new items from The Liaison Collaborative are featured here as well for fashion.  Check out the new ponytail hairstyle by Love and the new stockings by Nanika.  They are totally hipster so if you hate that then do not go for it.  I'm not a fan of hipsters but, for some reason, when i think of weed and coffee combined I think hipsters.  LOL!  Enjoy this post!



Coffee & Green Gacha Set: Lamps, Cannisters, Pour Over Station, Coffee House RARE, Counter RARE, Espresson * Joints, Server Tray & Menus by Industry7 @ 6 Republic *New*

On Me:
Skin: Alena in Nougat (Catwa Applier) by Egozy
Miles Hair by Love @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Victoria Sweater Dress by Tori's Style @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Liana Boots by Fame Femme @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Deer Hat & Scarf by Yokai @ On9 *New*
Weed Joint by Zaara
Pose: Smoke 06 by Evolove

Oma's Kitchen - StoofPeren, Flammkuchen & Pickles by Glam Affair @ 6 Republic *New*
Cookie Plates Gacha: Maple Star Cookies Rare & Chocolate Macadamia Nut by Lost Junction @ The Gacha Garden *New*
Pumpkin Cloches & Table Confetti by Evolove
Dope Neon Sign by Ten Thousand & Co. @ 6 Republic *New*