Wednesday, March 8, 2017


You want to abuse me
I want to be used by you
I want to seduce forever
You want to abuse me
I want to be used by you
Love is ugly only stupid people suffer forever
~William Control "Love is a Shadow"



On Me:
Skin & Shape: Kamilla in Canelle by Egozy *New*
Hair: Rivals Pink Pastel by Love @ Whore Couture Fair *New*
Heart Gacha Outfit: Bottom Heart, Collar Pearl, Patch Heart & Pearl Corset by Una @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
Dewdrop Tattoo by Nanika @ The Crossroads *New*
Collyrium Tears by Cureless
Unicorn Gacha #6 Bracelet by Austris @ Totally Top Shelf *New*
Elven Leaf Gold (Bindi) by Frou @ Totally Top Shelf *New*
Silvien Nailpolish by Plastik @ Totally Top Shelf *New*
Pose w/ Chair & Fuzzy Cuffs: Cute Punishment Armchair & Ankle Cuffs by La Baguette @ The Kawaii Project *New*

Vagabond - Hang Out Rug - PG & Rug Two by Death Row Designs @ The Arcade *New*
Steampunk Vases by Unkindness @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Unicorn Beanbag Chair Pink RARE by Distorted Dreams @ Totally Top Shelf *New*
Fairy Curtain - Square (Cream) & Heart Fairylight Balloons - Light - Group by Half-Deer *New*
Caged Lust by Deadpool