Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mother Gaia

Honour be to our Mother Earth,
The blessing of the gods upon thee.
Thou give us life and thou taketh it,
For life to go on eternally.
Show me the wonders within this world
‘cause I shall never fail to see
That merriment, grief and life and death
Are altogether bound within thee.
~Hagalaz Runedance

Mother Gaia


On Me:
Skin: Ceredil - Gyouko - [SE Forest] (On Lelutka Simone)by Soul @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Vanessa Hair by Phoenix @ Bloom *New*
Woodland Watcher Gacha Set: Watcher Orbs, Hands RARE, Headpiece, Staff, Wings & Woodland Home RARE (With Poses) by Disorderly @ N21 *New*
"Thyia" IvyJewelry **NIGHTSHADE** Gacha Set: Pasties, Bottom Wrap, Leaf Pasties, Top Wrap & Modesty Cover by DeviousMind
Trinity Necklace by OtherSkin @ The Fantasy Faire *New*
Wolf Pauldrons by Noble Creations *New*
Pose comes with Woodland Home & Staff (See Above)

Sunflowers by Little Branch
Passion Flower Vines by CubeRepublic *New*