Friday, June 30, 2017

Notice Me

I want to be permanent
A name tattooed on your lips
A scar etched in your heart
But I’m just another song
Forgotten while we were apart.

The Gacha Guardians opens up at midnight tonight and it is filled with tons of summer themed items as well as others mixed in.  The Gacha Guardians has a reward system where on your 20th pull you gain an exclusive item.  Some machines have one while others will have two.  It can be a 50/50 chance on which item you get in those cases.  I am featuring a cute bathing suit combo and chain from Justice.  The gacha also includes a mesh skirt and bikini set as well.  The decor is by Velvet Whip and comes with all sorts of summer pool decor from lounges and umbrellas to recliners.  The ultra rare item is a swimming pool!  

Notice Me


On Me:
Jessica Skin in Dark (On Catwa Lona) by Avenge @ eBento *New*
Astral Hairstyle by Beusy @ The Crystal Heart *New*
Liv Outfit Gacha: Liv Body Chain Gold & Liv Suit Red by Justice *Coming Soon to The Guardians* NEW
Pose: Ledge Sit 4 by !bang

Pool Party Gacha: Bed C, Ice Cream Tray, Cocktails Tray II, Pineapple Plate, Elegant Pool Umbrella, Beer Bottles Bucket,  Poolside Chaise Longue Red (C) & RadioCube Red by Velvet Whip *Coming Soon to The Guardians* NEW


I want to disappear now that we're strangers
I see you so clear when your eyes are wayward
Now you turn away if I get near
The only time you stay is when I'm not here
I want you the most now that we're strangers

Binds of hex and magic
A sight to blur your open eyes
Blinding love so tragic
Tonight your heart is broken
~The Birthday Massacre

The Fantasy Collective opens on July 1st!  
Another one of my favorite fantasy events in SL and expect to see some amazing items.  I am featuring Asteroid Boxes Tome and !gO! new outfit.  The outfit comes with accessories: a belt and quiver!  The Tome comes in a holdable version and rezzable ones too!  The hair is a new release from Wasabi Pills for Summerfest.  It come sin 2 styles.  Hope you enjoy this pic!



Plum Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ Summerfest *New*
Findis Overalls by !gO! The Fantasy Collective *Coming Soon* NEW
Tome Book by Asteroid Box @ The Fantasy Collective *Coming Soon* NEW
Bakeneko / Obake Familiar / RED by Cureless @ Lootbox *New*
Bloodletter's Halo (Red/Black) by Abstract Soul
Collyrium Tears / BLOOD by Cureless
Beast Teeth by Lelutka
Pose comes with the Tome

Gryphon Wall Decoration Grey (Candle) by Noble Creations

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Beautiful Lie

I don't wanna open up my eyes
I don't wanna see what you have done to me
I don't wanna know what's under your disguise
And I don't need to see what's on the inside
Let me enjoy this cause it was all just a beautiful lie

So many wonderful things coming to this years Summerfest!  I got the goods on some amazing decor and companion friends that will be at the event.  First are the cute finches by Hextraordinary.  There are companions and wanderers, babies and adult size.  They are uber cute.  Half-deer has a cute set of cluttered bra, panties and sandals for the event.  I love how I can make it look like my SL home is "lived in".  Some parts are color change so you can get a variety of options.  My favorite of the items from Summerfest in this image is the Death Row Designs Boho Patio set.  OMG!!  There are no words this set is just amazing.  Just like everything DRD does there is just so much detail in this set.  You can see the full scene below as my main pic only shows one side of it.  And, of course, there are animations for all relevant furniture.  

Hair Fair is coming and Runaway has a set of 4, YES, 4 hairs for the fair.  I am wearing one below.  Runaways hair has always been awesome but now it is even more so because she now has a styling HUD.  So you can wear your hair different ways.  This is amazing for bloggers!  Not only does she have the hair changes but she has boob sizes built into her HUD!  YAY!  I love everything about these.

Summerfest opens June 30th and Hair Fair opens July 1st!

Beautiful Lie


On Me:
Skin: Eden in Tone 5 (On Catwa Lona) by Birth Skins *New*
Ellie Hair by RunAway *Coming Soon to Hair Fair* NEW
Swimsuit: Darla by VoluptasVirtualis 
Tricia Tattoo RARE by Nanika @ Sanarae *New*
Pose: The Nell Series by An Lar Poses @ Shiny Shabby *New*

Boho Backyard Set: Barbecue Pergola,  Athena Couch, Round Table, Stack o Pots, Wine Rack, Lantern - Three, Flower Urn & Rugs by Death Row Designs *Coming Soon to Summerfest 2017!* NEW

Sandpiper Family (Companions & Wanderers) by Hextraordinary *Coming Soon to Summerfest 2017* NEW

Carefree Bikini Clutter - ALL - Offside Thong, Hanging Thong, Hanging Bra, Floor Bra /  Carefree Sandals Clutter - Family & Carefree Sandals Clutter - Single Pair v2 by +Half Deer+ *Coming Soon to Summerfest 2017* NEW

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Before I die alone
Before my time has gone
There's just one thing I have to do
Before the fire and stone
Before your world is gone
Have you some patience
Cuz I will have my vengeance
Before I die alone
Let me have vengeance
Before my time has gone
I will have vengeance

Madpea has a new gacha at Man Cave and its also a mystery game too called 13 Reasons to Die!!!!  I will not give away too much but you need to collect each of the pieces in the set to finish the story.  "13 Reasons Why He Had to Die is a single-player MadPea game with an occasionally shocking story and immersive ending. Players must collect all 13 tapes plus one of the rare cassette players to complete the game. Upon completion they receive an ultrarare prize and an achievement!!!"



On Me:
Skin: Jasmine Flower Group Gift (On LAQ Gaia) by Octobers4Seasons *New*
Mai Hair by #Foxy @ N21 *New*
Dina Top & Pants by Lybra @ N21 *New*
June Sneakers by Reign @ N21 *New*
Rainy Summer Jewelry: Love Bracelet, Jewel Cross Cuff, Summer Rings & Eye Bracelet by Kibitz @ N21 *New*
Chara Earrings by Dahlia @ Genre *New*
Pose w/ Gun: Pistol 2 by Poseidon

Scene: %twentyone (static) & %twentyone speaker by Anxiety @ N21 *New*

Vintage Fan - Silver (Summer Fun Hunt Item) & 13 Reasons Gacha Set: Silver Portable Cassette Player RARE, Black Portable Cassette Player RARE,  Tape 4: Mirror Mirror on the Wall & Crumpled Cassette Papers (@ ManCave) by Madpea *New*

Hair Fair 2017 DEMO Group

It is that time of year again, Hair Fair 2017 starts this Saturday 1at July.
Demos will be sent out in our Demo group on the 30th June (friday) you will be able to try all the Hair Fair styles before the event opens, so that you do not have to deal with lag of trying styles on at the event.
Grab some friends, try on all the styles, make your list and you will be able to shop, fast and efficiently. Discover stores that are new to you, and have fun with family and friends in your own little Demo parties.
Copy and past the the following into local chat in Second Life and join the Hair Fair DEMO Group

It is a FREE to join group, do not join if it is not free, NO groups to do with Hair Fair are any cost, so if you get sent invites to anything with the name Hair Fair do not accept or join, as we only send notices in our Hair Fair DEMO Group and our Subscribomatic owned by HairFairSL Core or Sasy Scarborough ONLY.

There are no gift cards, reduced prices cards, or anything that suggests some kind of deal at the event. If you are sent any such item, decline and abuse report. 
See you on Saturday and onwards at Hair Fair 2017 where all purchases will donate a percentage to Wigs for Kids.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Soul Eater

If I was your vampire, certain as the moon
Instead of killing time, we'll have each other till the sun
If I was your vampire, death waits for no one
Hold my hands across your face because I think our time has come
~Marilyn Manson

Japonica is opening on July 1st for it's summer round!!!  
Check out all the Japanese culture creations by some of the best designers in SL.  I am featuring 2 designers from the event: Boildegg & TKW.  Event ends July 23rd.  The dress is from the current Eastern Asia round of Genre. 

The skin is an older release by Lumae and is 50% ff now in her shop until June 30th.  All her skins include ALL appliers and they do work on Bento heads.  Again, your shape will affect how a skin looks so demo, demo DEMO!!!  I am in Lelutka Cate (Bento) for this picture.  All of Lumaes previous skins look gorgeous on it!

Soul Eater

CALWL Windlight used!  Top image is layered windlights.


Skin: Jewel - 4 - Peach // Ruby (On Lelutka Cate) by Lumae (50% off until end of June!!! All appliers included!)
Tsukiko Kimono Koi by Les Encantades @ Genre *New*
Dragon Tears V.1 by Cureless
Leena Forehead Gems by Lumae @ Midsummer Encahntment *New*
The Sickening Eyes by The Skinnery
Pose: The Viola Series by An Lar Poses

Japonica Items!! (Opens July 1st) *New*
Hair: Ekroos by Tukinowaguma
WA Headphones PinkRed & WA HUKIMODOSHI GACHA ( Snake Gold & Gogou) by Boildegg


“In each of us lie good and bad, light and dark, art and pain, choice and regret, cruelty and sacrifice. We’re each of us our own chiaroscuro, our own bit of illusion fighting to emerge into something solid, something real. We’ve got to forgive ourselves that. I must remember to forgive myself. Because there is a lot of grey to work with. No one can live in the light all the time.” 
― Libba Bray

Temperance is balance, mixing and trying new things and knowing that no matter where you are at this moment in the future things will work out in a positive manner.  Don't be afraid to try new things you never know what will happen.



Apothecari Gatcha Set: Case RARE,Shelf RARE, Labelle Potion Holder Shelf, Metalspire Bottle, Crystaltop Bottle- Rooibos, Bubblejar Tall, Airie Bottles, Faceted Herbal Jar:// Ginseng Green & Lale Morter & Pestle by Plastik @ Lootbox *New*

 'Oh Salem Dolls'  -  Johnny (Hanging Decor) &  'Oh Salem Dolls' - Marge (Add-On Floater) by Reverie

Sakura Petals - Windblown Swirl - White by +Half-Deer+

Confetti by Vespertine

On Me:
Skin: Livia (On Catwa Lona) by Amara Beauty for Powder Pack June *New*
Damia Dress Darks RARE by Fetch @ Lootbox *New*
Hair: Poppy by Besom @ Lootbox *New*
Hera Necklace+Tiara ALL by Ersch @TresChic *New*
Pose: Momimo G.Sit 5 by La Baguette

Monday, June 26, 2017


Please don't feed me to the T-rex or sleen Sir . . . It was an accident.

(Had to do a fun gorean pic y'all!)



Wolf Throne-RARE, Forest Pouf - Skulls Gold &  Forest Pouf - Roses Red by Noble Creations @ Lootbox *New*

Old Tavern Barrel & Old Tavern Wood Glass by Noble Creations

Red Panda // Sleeping Cute // Natural Furr by La Baguette

Candles by Aisling

On Mr. Freakshow: Glory by PFC

On Me:
Camisk: Dwayna by Enfant Terrible @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Hair: Eurso by Besom
Posture Collar Gold by Contrax
Skin: Maeve in Oak (On LAQ Gaia) by 7 Deadly Skins
All in One Bruises by dc (Freebie on Mp)
Pose: [ Quixotica ] Fantasy Pose, Set 2

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Don't Leave Me Behind

I'm undone
And there's nothing I can do this time, it's all out of my hands
And just when I was getting good
Why's it have to end?
I don't understand

And don't leave me behind
This time I need you, nothing's feeling right
Oh, I'm in trouble, help me
No one needs you more than me
~No Doubt

I thought I was ahead and that maybe I could keep up but now I see I just cannot.  I cannot compete, I cannot be like anyone else.  I don't want you to leave me behind but it seems it is what everyone does.  Maybe I should get used to being alone.  Maybe it is just easier for us both.  No one likes waiting.  No one has patience for me anymore.  So I understand if you go but I wish you wouldn't be another to leave me behind. . . 

Last day of the Vintage Fair!!  Hurry before all the exclusives are gone forever!

Don't Leave Me Behind


Skin: Mona (On Lelutka Cate) by Go & See @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Dinah Shirt & Enid Shorts by Narcisse @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Royal Vintage Sunglasses Ruby ULTRA by Avenge @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Hair: No Secrets by No.Match @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Hold Fast Tattoo by Nar Mattaru @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Pose w/ Truck & Tire: "Shelby" Vintage Pick Up Prop by Wetcat @ The Vintage Fair *New*

{Baroque} mirrors by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ The Vintage Fair *New*

cactus 2 & bush XL (animated ) green by Milk Motion @ The Arcade *New*

Bound Subscription Box is Coming!

Pale Girl Productions brings you Bound Box, a quarterly kinky subscription box featuring 12 designers, geared toward the BDSM/Kinky community. Our first box will be released on July 12, 2017 and subscriptions started on June 9th.  To stay up to date with all teasers and information regarding Bound Box, you can join our inworld Bound Box Update Group. 

Each bound box will showcase original mesh creations (as well as skins, makeup, poses, and tattoos)  for women created for Maitreya bodies but with the possibility of other sizes** too. Items as are, are box exclusive*.  

Purchase your Bound Box HERE.

Featured designers for this round:

- 22789
- Entwined
- Essenz
- !IT Girls
- CATWA exclusive
- Salt&Pepper
- {ViSion} 
- Voluptas Virtualis
- Luas
- Moda
- Mon Cheri
- Mossu
- oOo Studio

Fees for the box are as follows:
1) If purchased before July 12, 2017: L$1500
2) If purchased on July 12, 2017: L$2000 (24 hours only!)
3) If purchased between August 12, 2017 - January 9, 2018: L$3500  after which, the July box retires.

Subscriptions can be purchased at Bound Box kiosks which can be found at all participating designers' stores, Bound Box Headquarters, Bound Box Marketplace and at Vintage Fair.  Gifting options are available.

*Please find detailed instructions about how to get your box or about how the box works on the Pale Girl Productions website
**Up to the designers' discretion

Saturday, June 24, 2017


I know you are hiding here
Come, my dear
You can hide in the night while I'm waiting here, all alone
~The Birthday Massacre



On Me:
Kato Outfit Gacha: Kato Boots RARE LOOTCRATE, Kimono LOOTCRATE, Pauldrons LOOTCRATE, Gloves Black Print, Claws Gold & Panties by The Forge @ Lootbox *New*
Hair: Marigold by Doe @ Lootbox *New*
Chara Earrings by Dahlia @ Genre *New*
Asianesque Necklace by Vengeful Threads @ Genre *New*
Embers Cloud Dragon RARE by Katat0nik
Dragon Scales by Even~Tide
Pose w/ Kitana: Swordplay 2 by Eternal Dream @ Genre *New*

Chinese Moongate "Carpe Diem" by Del-ka Aedilis @ Genre *New*
Nihonbashi - Red (Bridge Set) by Yasyn @ Genre *New*
Ishi-doro (Lanterns) by {LORE} @ Genre *New*
Fish shop daughters/ SymbiosisFish by Anc

Sound Asleep

Day, dawn slowly,
Stay, faint starlight;
Sleep lets the lover be hopeful and bold.
Hush, fond dreamer,
Crush thy fantasies;
These vain thoughts must be left untold.
~ William Johnson Cory

Sounds Asleep


Fairy SHadow Boxes Gacha Set: Starlight Box RARE, Adobe Med Clay Building, Sound Asleep RARE & Gold Sleepy Moon RARE by Unkindness @ Lootbox *New*

{Aerial} Stars in the bubbles by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations

Hair: Cherry Candy RARE Lootbox by Doe @ Lootbox *New*
Gabrielle Bodysuit by Cosmic Dust @ N21 *New*
Jasmine (Boots) by #Empire @ N21 *New*
Tattoo: Aquarius by Speakeasy @ Lootbox *New*
Masquerade Victoria Mask RARE & Eyeshadow by Yokai @ On9 *New*
Morning Glory Umbrella MIX RARE by Naminoke @ Lootbox *New*
Pose w/ Strings: Dolly 4 by infiniti

Dancing Stars Fireflies Vanilla Lights (1x1) by E.V.E Studio

Friday, June 23, 2017


You only have to look at the Medusa straight on to see her. And she's not deadly. She's beautiful and she's laughing.
~Helene Cixous

I am Medusa, Queen of the Gorgons!!!  You shall not pass unless you look before me into my eyes and mine alone . . .



Garden Nook - Fountain & Flower Bucket by Death Row Designs @ Shiny Shabby *New*

Skin: Moana in Polar (On Catwa Lona) by Glam Affair @ Lootbox *New*
Hair: Heart of Glass (Bento moving hair) by Exile @ eBento *New*
Medusa Dress & Belt by Una @ Tres Chic *New*
Black Slimy Snake by Noble Creations 
Clou Bracelet by Avenge @ Shiny Shabby *New*
Medusa Crown Exclusive & Leg Snake by Storybook
Collyrium Tears by Cureless
Body Scales by Cynefin
Pedestal w/ Pose by oOo Studio @ N21 *New*

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shadows in Heaven

“A strong woman builds her own world. She is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.” 
― Ellen J. Barrier

You cross oceans vast and pure, climb mountains beyond the stars and trek the rainbow bridge to heaven.  Before you enter you go black. No memory of how it happened.  Your eyes awaken to the sight of pillars of white, lovely lights and dark angels scowling at you.  "It is not your time!  Why have you come here??"

Shadows in Heaven


Photo Booth - Aeonian by Foxcity @ Tres Chic *New*
NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [caviar-black] by Anc

On Me:
Lootbox Catwa Skin App. #8 -May- by Pumec @ Lootbox *New*
Zephyr Gacha Set: Undies Tarnished, Wrap Sinister, Shield Iron RARE & Polearm Iron RARE by Storybook @ Lootbox *New*
Dem+Nel Gacha Set: 16 Eyeshadoes (one side), Wings RARE 1, Headband Red, RARE 02 Crown & Add on by ERSCH & Yokai @ Lootbox *New*
Scar Tissue 20 Pull Reward Special Sephiroth Tattoo by Curemore *New*
Pose: Amazon Princess 4 by Poseidon *New*

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why Don't You Do Right

I fell for your jive and I took you in
Now all you got to offer me's a fifth of gin
Why don't you do right
Like some other men do?
Why don't you get out of here and
Bring me some money too.

A few days left for this years Vintage Fair!!!  Check out all the awesome vintage goodness.

Why Don't You Do Right


On Me:
Skin: Eirtae - T7 - Nutmeg // Showgirl (On LAQ Gaia) by Lumae
Jayne Dress by The Annex @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Hair: Lana by Sintiklia @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Sweet Nails Bento (Red Chocobo) by Moon Amore
Pose w/ Microphone: The Crooner F2 by Poseidon


Backdrop: %bachelor & %bachelor lamp by Anxiety @ The Vintage Fair *New*

Antique Piano by ionic


Seed of Inspiration - Deluxe Guitar & Stand by Chez Moi

Balloons & Confetti by Vespertine