Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Eye For An Eye

The smoke clears and in whispering waves of self mutilation I see the dark sky fall to pieces, the world is sometimes too heavy to breathe and the dead surround me like an ocean. I can't recognize the reflection looking back through the mirror, as if some sort of silent stranger with mean eyes and deadly stare, he sees everything and why? Then with one last glimmer defiant I'm transformed into a monster a giant, with no heart, no limbs, no desire. This is not a suicide letter. I just want to get a real close look at death, touch his matted hair as I pass him by

You slash my heart on the razor's edge, on the razor's edge
~William Control

Eye For An Eye


Nikki Hair by Limerence @ Kinky Event *New*
Ocular Displacement & Nommy Balls Gift by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ The Nightmare Event *New*
Salient Talons by CerberusXing @ The Project Se7en *New*
Forbidden Experiment E. Arms & Pasties by V-Tech @ The Nightmare Event *New*
Scars: Survivor by The White Crow
Pose w/ Knife: Cute But Psycho Fatpack Exclusive by Foxcity