Friday, June 29, 2018

The Last Tale

“The wind went mute and the trees in the forest stood still. It was time for the last tale.” 
― Lawren Leo


Head: Sandy & Breeze Makeups by LAQ @ Uber *New*
Tasha Hair by RunAway
Lynx Gacha Outfit: Shield, Spear, Bra RARE & Panties RARE by The Forge @ Lootbox *New*
Black Slimy Snake & Bloody Arm Band by Noble Creations
Blusher: Tornasol II by The White Crow @ Sanarae *New*
Snake: Hope by OtherSkin
Pose: Posh by Foxcity @ Kustom9 *New*

Niflheim Gacha Set: Sack'o Diamonds, Firepit, Sack'o Coins, Storage Box, Banner - 02 Loot, Potatoes, Horn Candle & Butcher's Table by Krescendo @ Lootbox *New*

Riding Horse (Warmblood) by Water Horse
Deep Sea Rug for the WHRH by Jinx @ The Secret Affair *New*
Fluffscruff Mane & Tail by Jinx

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Through A Sea

The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea. 
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh


On Me:
Skin: Meredith in India by Glam Affair 
Head: Sandy by LAQ @ Uber *New*
Opal Scales by Even~Tide
Mermaid's Tale Ariel Hair Lootbox & Yellow Mermaid Tail & Bra by Sorumin & Yokai @ Lootbox *New*
La Mer Necklace & Bracelet by Dahlia @ Uber *New*
Crown of Shells by Sweet Evil @ The Secret Affair *New*

The Fish Pink & White by Mushilu @ The Good Vibes Fair *New*

Aethernal Pass - Open by Lunacy @ The Secret Affair *New*

Erstwhile Kelp & Sea Grass by The Looking Glass @ The Secret Affair *New*

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Prophet 60091

Prophet 60091
This is the flight number of our galactic sun
Prophet 60091
Before we start you should know that you're not the only one
Who can hurt me

This is the serial number of our orbital gun
You better be sure before you leave me for another one
You can hurt me
I can hurt you

Notice Me, Senpai is open!!!  Come check out all the kawaii and sexy creations.  Today I am featuring creations from Dahlia and Poseidon.  Dahlias headset comes with fully customizable HUD and extra colors in the fatpack and Poseidon has a collection of new poses for both men and women!  My favorite is the Anime Saeko set which comes with a katana prop!

I am also featuring LAQs new head and eyelashes Sandy.  Like all LAQ heads the cost is super affordable, 1500L and the all-in-1 HUD is 3000L and can be used on any of her heads which is amazing!  Check out this release at Uber.


On Me:
Skin: CHI HI RO # MAKEUP SKIN 9 LAQby Mudskin @ Kustom9 *New*
Head & Lashes: Sandy by LAQ @ Uber *New*
#14 Cute mania - Hair Sweet by Sintiklia
Aura PE-XT17 Holo: Mini WIngs, Side Panes, Panties, Top, Bracers, Backpack, Hip Belt & Boots by Stargazer Creations @ Lootbox *New*
Akumano - Headphones (Fatpack w/ extra colors!) by Dahlia @ Notice Me Senpai *New*
Sakura Collar by AlternatiVe @ Notice Me Senpai *New*
Replicant Joints / BLACK (v.2) by Cureless
Pose: Anime Saeko 3 by Poseidon @ Notice Me Senapi *New*

{George} loyal minions by [Cubic Cherry]&.TeaBunny. *Coming Soon to The Crystal Heart Festival* NEW

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sun Is Shining

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet
Make you want to move your dancing feet
To the rescue, here I am
Want you to know, y'all, where I stand

When the morning gathers the rainbow
Want you to know I'm a rainbow too
~Bob Marley


On Me:
Skin: Willow in Africa (Catwa Uma) by Glam Affair @ Uber *New*
Jill Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Kustom9 *New*
Mila Outfit by Una @ The Good Vibes Fair *New*
Harper Hat by The Forge
Kitty Banana Pop by Katat0nik
Pose: Sugah High Pop Poses by Curvosity

Madpea Summer Fun Hunt Items: Golden Pineapple Necklace, Beach Hut & Summer Teepee by Madpea *New*

Carrito de Fruta & Aquas Frescas by Crate @ Summerfest *New*

'dorable Danes 13. Music Lover & 12. Ball Hog by Jian

Monday, June 25, 2018


“The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.” 
― George Carlin


On Me:
Skin: Ashley in India (Lelutka May) by Glam Affair @ Uber *New*
Lumi Eyes by S0ng @ The Secret Affair *New*
Hair: Long Beach by Exile @ Summerfest *New*
Sunellia Bikini by Moon Amore @ Collabor88 *New*
Starfish by MishMish @ Collabor88 *New*
Parrot (Green) by Pixicat
Pose w/ Banana: Bananas Agency Fatpack Exclusive by Foxcity

Boho Fish Shack, Surf Bar, Sign One & Deck by Death Row DesignsUber *New*

panouk husky (bad dog) & kolouk husky (cookies!) by xin

Sunday, June 24, 2018


"I am what was, what is, what will be — the black angel, Chaos-Bringer!I AM POWER!"
~Dark Phoenix, Uncanny X-men #136


Tempest Hair by Tableau Vivant
Head: Neve by LAQ
Curse VI by The White Crow @ The Dubai Event *New*
Face & Body Burns by Izzie's
Pose: Flight 9rev by Poseidon

Bodysuit is no longer inworld or on MP. Sorry.  Store closed about 2 years ago :(

Friday, June 22, 2018

Please Fund Me

You lied like other people breathe
Speaking a twisted lexicon
To get your way by any means
No matter who you tread upon

How can you sleep?
The world burns at your feet
How can you forsake
The casualties you leave in your wake?
~Assemblage 23

DRD's "Go Fund Yourself Hunt" is going on until June 30th!  Check out this amazing hunt on their mainstore sim and collect all the hilarious and fun goodies <3


Featuring Death Row Designs Go Fund Yourself Hunt items!!  Fund Pool, Fund Jar - Imaginary Cat, Fund Cup - Halp, Fund Box - Gacha Addiction, Fund Box - Virtual Career *New*  Hunt ends June 30th!!

On Me:
Skin: Kesha by Pumec @ N21 *New*
Ashlie Hairstyle + Cap by Beusy @ Kustom9 *New*
Lumi Bodysuit & Shorts by Miss Chelsea @ N21 *New*
Petal Jumpers by Reign @ N21 *New*
Pose: Kazi GSit 4 by La Baguette

Cat Cafe - I Just Got Neutralized Cat & POOP! by C L A Vv @ The Arcade *New*


“There's a quality of legend about freaks.
Like a person in a fairy tale who stops you and demands that you answer a riddle. Most people go through life dreading they'll have a traumatic experience. Freaks were born with their trauma. They've already passed their test in life. They're aristocrats.” 
― Diane Arbus


Skin: Lily in Exotic & Lily Eyeshadow & Lipstick by Glam Affair @ Kustom9 *New*
Kallima Kalli Kalliyan Tattoos by Stardust @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
"Shanghai Vintage" **RUBY** by DeviousMind @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Dolores Hair by Sn@tch @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Cigarette with mouthpiece EXCLUSIVE by Dreamcatcher @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Candy Demon Gacha: Horns RARE, Bindi, Necklace & Floating Beads by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ Lootbox *New*
Marina Wedges & Stockings by Eudora3D for FaMeshedGo *New*
Pose: Posh 6 by Foxcity @ Kustom9 *New*

Thursday, June 21, 2018


“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 
― Henry James


On Me:
Skin: Dottie Dark Applier (Catwa Uma) by Spicy @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Hair: Taxi by Vanity Hair @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Hipkini by The Forge @ Rewind *New*
Beach Ball Bento Pose 4 by Secret Poses @ The Vintage Fair *New*

Summer Sixty Gacha Set: Chair Patterns, Daisies of Peace Pillow Patterns, Pillow Solids, Outdoor Lanterns RARE, Lighted Curtain, Table & Van RARE by Disorderly @ Rewind *New*

Summer Fun Hunt Items: Watermelon Trampoline, Octopus Ring Toss & Watermelon Party Tray by Madpea for The Summer Fun Hunt *New*

Splendid Spaniels 16. Daffodils by Jian

Sleepy Italian Greyhound - Fawn by +Half-Deer+

The Mile High Club 1970's Edition

Man must rise above the Earth — to the top of the atmosphere and beyond — for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.
— Socrates

Kei Spot has a magnificent Boeing 747 skybox and 1970's first class airplane furniture set at The Vintage Fair!  It is really a neat set and perfect for various places on a sim or for photos.  Faida has also created a matching Flight Attendant outfit to match too.  Check out the mini video below (nothing fancy haha) of the skybox and furniture.  Enjoy!

The Mile High Club: 1970s Edition


On Me:
Skin: Monica in Toffee (Catwa Uma) by Amara Beauty *New*
FlyHigh Jackie Hat & Dress by Faida @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Hair Mbali by Sintiklia @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Pose: The Gina Series by An Lar Poses @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*

Mile High Club Set: Skybox, Chairs 2, Piano Bar, Table (magazine & wine) & Chairs 1 by Kei Spot @ The Vintage Fair *New*

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ephemeral Season

That seed springeth
That flower openeth
That grass groweth
We praise Thee
For winds that whisper
Through the shining birch
Through the lively pines
Through the mighty oak
We praise Thee
For all things
Oh Earth Mother who gives life.

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! 

Ephemeral Season


Skin: Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Leafrenne by Plastik *New*
Head: Simone by Lelutka
Hair: Flowers in The Sun by Exile @ Rewind *New*
Adara Outfit by Una @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Chain Mask by The Annex @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Rosalia Necklace by Kunglers @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Yasha Mesh Arm Bracers by Lakrya @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Pose w/ Magic: Swan by Elephante Poses

The Ruined Walls by Mushilu @ Tres Chic *New*
Rain Drop Ivy by Noble Creations

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Way too much coffee. But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever.
~David Letterman


Skin: Genus Project - Juniper // Neutral by Lumae *New* 50% OFF UNTIL June 25TH!
Head: Genus Bento Head by The Genus Project *New*
Sunny Hair by Phoenix Hair for FaMeshed Go *New*
Aracely Rustic Tunic by Addams *New*
Sacred Heart Earrings & Necklace by Avenge @ The Vintage fair *New*
Pose: Coffee Female F1 by Poseidon

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Magic Mushroom

"What you don't understand, You can make mean anything"


Skin w/ Blush & Lipstick: Lily Skin (Petal) on Catwa Uma & Cosmetics by Glam Affair @ Kustom9 *New*
Yuurei Eyes Calm by Cureless
Mushroom Fairy Gacha: Lifted Shirt, Moss Fro Buns RARE, Panties Pink & Mushroom Button by Tamagosenbei @ The Imaginarium *New*
Starry Night Gacha: Choker 1 Pink & Earrings Pink by Nanika @ The Imaginarium *New*
Basic X Pasties by abrasive
Pose: Soulfood 4 by Foxcity

Friday, June 15, 2018

Drink You Sober

Oh dear, look what you've done
You've made a mess of me and
I don't want to clean up
I'm dangerously high
You've seemed to quench my appetite

I want to drink you sober
I want to feel you
Want you to be my lover
Be my lover


Skin: Hazel in India (Lelutka May) by Glam Affair @ Uber *New*

Vintage Fair Items: *NEW*
Hair: Annabelle by Exile 
Athena Gown by Enfant Terrible 
Tiffany's Jewelry Set by Glitzz
Moonlight & Martini Pose Set by Gingerfish

Punky Reggae Party

Tell you what!

It Take a joyful sound
To make a world go 'round
Come with your heart and soul
Come 'a come and rock your boat
Cause it's a punky reggae party
And it's tonight
it's a punky reggae party
And it's alright
~Bob Marley


Dylan Daze Set: Lay Lady Lay Sofa, Cactus Cupcakes, Bong n Buds, Tire Peace Sign & Love In Poster by Crate @ Rewind *New*

On Me:
Skin: Emma in India (Lelutka May) by Glam Affair @ Collabor88 *New*
Lori Tied Tee & Corduroy Bell-Bottoms by Jackalope @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Hair: Aronen by Tukinogawa @ The Vintage Fair *New*
Pearls Earrings by Avenge @ The Chapter Four *New*
Joint by Kunst
Pose: Smoking Lady 4 by K&S

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Too Deep

Too deep
The water glistens
Too deep
Whisper and listen
Too deep
You put me under a trance

Bubbles rise
I breathe the light
Mesmerized by how beautiful we are
Pieces of stars
~Rhea's Obsession


Skin: Chronos +FGInc.+ Transcendence Starborn (Discontinued!) by Fallen Gods Inc.
Koi Koi Mermaid Outfit by IrrISIStible Shop @ Swank *New*
Hair: Storm C Lootbox RARE by Analog Dog Hair
Maori Manaia Necklace by OAL @ The Secret Affair *New*
Pose: Mermaid 03-2 by *CC*

Erstwhile Reef Set: Water Beacon, Reef part 2, Kelp, Sea Grass, & Reef part 3 by The Looking Glass @ The Secret Affair *New*

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Everything Will Work Out

But I've got this funny feeling that everything will work out
This funny feeling that everything will work out
Got this funny feeling that everything will work out
This funny feeling that everything
Will fall into place
Fall into place
~Empathy Test


Formentera house by Milk Motion @ Collabor88 *New*

Skin: Anita T08 by Amara Beauty
Krista Hair by Limerence @ The Imaginarium *New*
Fadez Tattoo by Speakeasy @ The Imaginarium *New*
Pose: Pool Bunny V2-7 Fatpack Exclusive by Foxcity

Madpea Summer Hunt Items: Romper Blue, Pool Lounger & Octopus Beach Bag - Blue by Madpea *New*

Posh Pups :: RARE Carrier Purse by Jian

Oil Burner Offering Cup (C), Oil Burner Daysies I (C) & Oil Burner Cotto (C) by The Velvet Whip @ The Imaginarium *New*

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Melancholy Friend

Here she comes again
My melancholy friend
So bittersweet and sad
Talking ‘bout things i wish i've had
And here she comes again
My melancholy friend
When everything is ok
She's reminding me
That we're all gonna die some day


Skin: Anita in 08 (Catwa Uma) by Amara Beauty
Charlize Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 *New*
Archaic Tattoo + Appliers by Seydr @ The Secret Affair *New*
Claudia Dress by Una @ Vanity Event *New*
Crystal Horns by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
Yuurei Eyes & Collyrium Tears by Cureless
Pose: The Altered Series five by An Lar Poses